Chromebook OS Crashing

We have seen a rise in ZenDesk ticket volume related to Chromebook "crashes" or "restarts". Other nearby districts are experiencing similar issues. We have been able to track the issue to the the Google Drive Sync app. The issue has been reported to Google and they have escalated to level 2 engineers. We do not have a timeline for when Google will provide a resolution. However, we have been able to identify a work-around that helps most users. The work-around involves disabling Google Drive Sync. While it seems to resolve the issue, the side effect is that it stops file syncing for off-line files. For users that stay connected to Google, this should not present a problem. This work-around may not be suitable for users that frequently work on Google docs while they are off line. Remember, this is a work-around and not the final resolution. We are hopeful that Google will resolve the issue soon. Instructions are listed below. 

Work-Around Instructions

  1. Head into the extension manager and deactivate (or remove) the "Google Docs Offline" extension
  2. Then head to and go to the settings cog in the top-right > Click on Settings
  3. Under the Offline section UN-check the box to "Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & this computer so you can edit offline"
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