What To Put In A Zendesk Ticket for Speedy Service

Suggestions for Speedy Service


It is easy to fill out a ticket and put in basic information.  But, sometimes the basic information isn't enough.  We respond to the tickets, but 85 percent of the time we have to ask for more information which, in turn delays the ticket.  I am going to put some suggestions in here for some of the ticket types that will help us resolve issues in a short amount of time.  These are the ones we see the most and usually need more information.

  1. For Web Filter (for blocked pages)
    • The web/YouTube address (URL) that is getting blocked
    • A screenshot of the blocked page
    • A userID/studentID that received the blocked page
    • Extension number to reach you
  2. Canvas,Collections,ReadyGen,GoMath & Other District Curriculum Based Software
    • A userID/studentID having the issue
    • A screenshot of the message you've received or the exact message received
  3. Phones
    1. What part of the phone doesn't work? (Handset, Keypad, Screen, etc...)
    2. Provide detail to what is happening? (ex: I'm dialing 9, then 1 and I get a fast busy)
  4. Chromebook
    • What is the physical problem with the CB?
    • What is the studentID?
    • What is the serial number?
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