YouTube Account Suspended

Google has changed their policies for YouTube Branded accounts for users using the G-Suite for Education.  Essentially, Google  is not allowing branded accounts for any user within the G-Suite for Education.  As a result users who have set-up branded YouTube accounts are getting suspended.  This is out of our control and not anything we are doing on our end to make this happen. Right now, we can't  preventing accounts from being suspended by Google due to branding.  At this point, our hands our tied. Many other districts are unhappy with the changes Google has made regarding this as well.  
It's real easy to setup a branded account.  You can do it by simply going to creator studio and creating a channel with an account name.  We suggest steering away from creating channels under YouTube accounts. 
Sorry about that.  Here's some light reading on it: Suspended YouTube Accounts

Here's also a way to see if your account is branded: Is my Account Branded? There is also a way to delete your branded account: Manage Branded Account
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