Using Your Personal Phone to Make District Phone Calls

This feature allows you to make a call from any phone. The end receiver will get a notification that the call is coming from the main line of your school.   Here's how to use it: 
  1. Call the Masking Service -  815-345-3199
  2. Enter in the masking identifier for your school - 
    1. District Office - 2001
    2. Clay Academy - 2002
    3. Creekside Middle School - 2003
    4. Dean Street Elementary School - 2004
    5. Greenwood Elementary School - 2005
    6. Mary Endres Elementary School - 2006
    7. Northwood Middle School - 2007
    8. Olson Elementary School - 2008
    9. Prairiewood Elementary School - 2009
    10. Westwood Elementary School - 2010
    11. Woodstock High School - 2011
    12. Woodstock North High School - 2012
    13. Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center - 2013
  3. Enter the user ID - 555
  4. Access - 0200
  5. Enter the phone number you wish to call
Your call will begin ringing and the number your contact will see is your school's main number.  
This service may be used from any phone. Please contact us if you need additional information.  
OPTION 2 - Google Meet
You can set up a Google Meet with the person you want to call and share the Google Meet phone number with the individual.   You do not need to have a video call, simply a phone conference via Google Meet.  The number that will be share with the parent is most likely from a New York extension.   That is the number the parent will see. 
Option 3 - *67
 Using the *67 feature on your cell phone will allow your number to be blocked from the receiver.  The receiver will see that the number is either "restricted" or " blocked".  
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