Google Meet Tips and Tricks

Here are some reminders and hints to make your Google Meet events more productive and secure. 

  1. Prevent meeting reuse—Students can’t rejoin the call if teachers are the last participant to leave a nicknamed meeting.    Use nicknames! 
  2. You may set up a Meet and use that same nickname for each of your Meet events with students.  However, to prevent reuse while you are not there, you must be the last person to leave each Meet.  Additionally, you need to be the first person to start each Meet in order for students to rejoin the next day.    
  3. The meeting creator, calendar event owner, or person who sets up a meeting on an in-room hardware device can mute or remove video meeting participants. This ensures student participants can’t mute or remove one another or the teacher.
  4. In Google Meet, you can add people to a video meeting before or after a meeting starts. Guests can be inside or outside of "".  Note: Guests on the web don't need a Google account to participate in a meeting.
  5. People inside "" can always join as long as they’re signed in to their Google account.
  6. During a video meeting, only the meeting creator can see and approve requests to join the meeting from outside of our " domain". If you create a meeting and want to include guests with an email address that’s outside of the "" domain, make sure to stay on the call until all of your external guests have been approved to join.
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