How to Log In to a D200 Chromebook

  1. Power on your chromebook
  2. Connect to your home Wi-Fi
    • On the bottom-right click on the time
    • Click on “Not Connected” under the Wi-Fi symbol
    • A list of available wireless connections will appear
    • Click on your home Wi-Fi name
    • Enter your Wi-Fi password > Click Connect
  3. Log in
    • Username/Password Sign-In
      • On the lower-left click “Add Person”
      • Add your Username > click Next
      • Add your password > click Next
      • Click “Get started” at the “All Set!” window
    • Clever Badge Sign-In
      • If your chromebook is set to use Clever badges you will see a “Sign in to your Chromebook” window
      • Click Next
      • Hold your Clever badge up with the QR code facing the camera
      • Success is indicated by a green check-mark and/or audible ding
      • Click “Get started” at the “All Set!” window


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