Microphone Not Working

This troubleshooting guide covers two issues reported for Chromebook microphones.

  1. The microphone does not seem to be working at all - no sound transmitted or recorded.
  2. The sound is very distorted - sounds garbled or robotic.

In most cases, we have found the issue to be a setting rather than a failed part. Please use the following steps to troubleshoot and resolve microphone issues:

First, press the volume up or volume down key on the Chromebook keyboard. 


The Chromebook will display a small menu in the lower right corner of the screen. Please click on the arrow near the right side of the popup menu.


This will display a larger menu showing input and output settings. It will look similar to the following. Move the volume slider to raise or lower the volume to the “normal” setting as shown below.

Screenshot_2.png  Screenshot_3.png   Screenshot_4.png

      Volume too low                      Volume too high                          Normal


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